“The Murloc” – A Poem

(A little something silly today.  I originally wrote and posted this on Blizzard’s official World of Warcraft forums [edit:  in October of 2008], at which point they quickly moved it to off-topic purgatory where it died a cheap jerseys barely heralded death.  No appreciation for culture, those humans.  If you’re Could a WOW fan, you should enjoy it.  If not, walk on by….)

(With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)

361px-Murloc_StreamrunnerThe Murloc
a poem by RogueGenius, Alexstrasza-US

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce upon a marsh, quite muddy,
while I quested with my buddy,
looking high and low for loot in some forsaken bog,
Suddenly there came fapping,
like a fish but not as slapping,
Carried clearly to our ears
despite the cold dense fog.
” ‘Tis a mudskipper,” I told my friend,
“Now wholesale jerseys let us have more grog!
Don’t get spooked, it’s just a frog.”
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]h, so clearly I remember
it was just this past September
And Brewfest was alive with sounds
of drunken dwarven priests
My friend happened to mention
a bit of loot for my attention
So ‘leet that it induced me to
forsake the autumn feasts.
To seek the epic frogman,
known as king among the beasts
Zangarmarsh, I’d heard; to the southeast.
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s we and sat there drinking, and
my mind had started thinking
Wond’ring if our gear would match
against this nameless foe?
A quiet then befell upon
our damp and muddy hell and e’en
the crocolisks and flies
stopped moving to and fro.
“One more brew,” said I,
“and then we’ll pack and go.”
Sad to think…we didn’t know.
[dropcap]P[/dropcap]resently a crash abounded,
trembling earth and then it sounded:
A call of demon evil
unlike any heard before!
With my boomstick quickly rising,
I sought what was terrorizing
the flora and the fauna on
this ill-begotten shore.
What fright had come upon us
on this ill-begotten shore?
And then, the quiet…nothing more.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]repidation wholesale jerseys seared Of my veins
as my fear escaped it’s reins
I began to cast about me for
some meaning to this warble.
Then it was, I saw, an Eye
rising to the darkened sky
Nictating, nor cheap NFL jerseys blinking,
like a newly-minted marble.
Staring deadly in the night as though made
from dead, cold, marble.
Quoth the Murloc, “ARLRLRLBGLBGLBGL!”
[dropcap]”B[/dropcap]y the Titans!” I expounded
As my heart in my ribs pounded
leaping to my throat like
some regurgitated meal
“This monster is outragous
If we’re caught he’ll surely cage us
And braze us and fillet us with
revenge-empowered zeal!
Bronzebeard help us, this is it!
He’ll club us like a seal!
Then we’re done! A murloc meal!”
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he frogman’s arm was raised and
I saw 2015 the end of days as
the best I could have prayed was for
the end to quickly come.
But then to my deep shock
this gargantuan Murloc
gently grabbed me by my frock
between his huge finger and thumb.
“For Khaz Modan,” I muttered,
and then, I was struck dumb.
[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the Murloc then commenced
communicating the events
which had led him hence, to this forgotten shore
It seems there was a chest
That had been duly blessed
with a full set of armor
even better than tier 4
An entire set of armor,
even stronger than tier 4!
From my friend…still a snore.
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he voice was in my head it seem’d
but clearly this was not a dream
this thing, this frog, this man was real
and had been here before
back in the days of beta
and the devs left in his data
heretofore forgotten in some
thumb drive in a drawer
“I $90 was king,” he sighed, but there was more
[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t seems Azeroth’s fauna
had evolved within a sauna and
come up on the land with fins
and gills and slimy hide
The head-voice said “but sadly,
The alpha went so badly, that
the devs decided we would best
inhabit the outside
In the wetlands!” It exclaimed
And then I swear it cried.
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his injustice, I decided,
simply could not be abided
And with renewed resolve I stood
and said to my new friend:
“Just tell me what you need,”
said I and looked into that giant eye
and saw my future there inscribed
beginning until end.
The Murloc finally told me of
the place to me he’d send
This crime, I swore, I would amend
[dropcap]”I[/dropcap]n Jenkin’s office desk,” he said
“Up in accounting, he’s the head
You’ll find the plans from alpha testing
showing our true fate.
You see,” continued he,
“We were intended to be free
and help new players level so that
they won’t have to wait
They’ll have their mounts at level one and
epic swords at eight!”
“Heroic Deadmines?” said I, “I can’t wait!”
[dropcap]”W[/dropcap]ith our freedom, joy you’ll bring
and you will be annointed king
of Azeroth United, Orcs and Humans side by side.
Arthas will no longer threaten
Kel’Thuzud will be forgotten
Sargeras’ plans will fall apart and
you’ll be filled with pride!
All his plans will crumble down and
you’ll be filled with pride!”
“Let’s do this,” I said. “Can I get a ride?”
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o Zangarmarsh we flew and
let my friend sleep off his brew while
I went AFK to get the data from the desk
On my return rejoicing as
the Murloc still was voicing
Aspirations for his race that
we once had thought grotesque
A goal for every murloc more than
just some frog burlesque
“Where’s the loot,” I said, grinning my rogueish best.
[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ut still he kept expounding on
the world that he was founding and
one remark which struck a darker
tone than ones before
It seemed his greatest wish was
for everyone to fish and thus
the murloc then could eat without
this mind-erasing chore
Their plan nie was to enslave us all,
so they could eat some more.
“You no take candle,” the Murloc said
And then, there was no more.
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hinking quick I grabbed my blades and
vanished fast into the shade behind
the murloc contemplating
food with a contented warble
A dagger in the back he took and
sadly rolled his eye to look
upon my dagger scoring deeply
through that vast and lidless marble.
My dagger sinking deep into that never-blinking marble.
Quoth the Murloc, “ARLRLRLBGLBGLBGL!”

(okay, it’s a little clumsy in spots. YOU try finding a rhyme for ARLRLRLBGLBGLBGL.)