Nine Of My Favorite Sad Songs


2.  Pearl Jam – Oceans

This is, in my opinion, probably THE most underrated track PJ ever cut.  Absolutely beautiful and huge and full and open and…If you know what I look like, imaging me, standing on the sand cliffs on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, watching a storm come in over the lake as the wind blows my hair back and for just a moment I remember what it was to feel like a god.  Sheer beauty.

Like the previous track, this carries with it that melancholy undercurrent that was so common to the Seattle bands – and I don’t mean the “grunge” bands or the “alternative” bands, I mean the Seattle bands.  Somehow those bands – Alice, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, and so many others – manage to sound a little bit world-weary even when they’re happy…and a little bit hopeful even at the saddest.  The use of some subtle strings (or possibly effects) and what sounds a bit like a tympani help carry this short but powerful song over the edge for me.

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