Nine Of My Favorite Sad Songs


6.  Chris Cornell – Seasons

Another track that I relate very closely to, and have since I first heard it (as my daughter will attest; she listened to me singing it for years).  Another beautifully layered and complex acoustic composition from Chris Cornell – it was his first solo single, appearing on the soundtrack from the classic day-in-the-90’s-Seattle-life movie “Singles,” directed by Cameron Crowe, in which we see Cornell and some other familiar faces as supporting characters to Matt Dillon and Jennifer Garner’s slack-crossed coffee-fueled lovers in the rainy northwest.

One of the great things about this song is that the internets can’t even make up their mind how to tune for it.  Some transcriptions give it as FCFCGF, others as FCFACF, still others as open E (EBEG♯BE).  Nobody seems to have ever asked Cornell, oddly enough, either that or he’s not talking.  I don’t know, myself, since I’m not a guitarist, but looking at some of the available transcriptions/tabs I’d bet more strings have been broken trying to figure it out than on any other song ever Tongue Out .

It’s funny, you know…if you’re just some bonehead on the internet running his mouth about these feelings and ups and downs and moods and darkness, you’re a freak.  But if you can listen to this song and not feel it, either you’re way too young or you just plain can’t feel.  What an amazing soundscape of regret and self-recrimination, feelings of loss and inadequacy and insecurity.  “And the naked floor is cold as hell…the naked floor reminds me.”  Pure beauty.  If everyone on the planet were capable of even a fraction of this kind of passion and depth of emotion, we’d all be a lot better off.

Singles Sountrack Album at Amazon.Com (Seasons is not available as a single.)

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