Nine Of My Favorite Sad Songs


9.  Susan Enan – Bring On The Wonder

This apparently enjoyed a brief bit of popularity when it was used as background/theme music in an episode of the TV show “Bones.”  In researching a bit for this article, I notice it’s also been recorded in a version by Sarah MacLaughlin, and I honestly don’t know the provenance of the tune.

I do know, however, that it’s unquestionably a beautiful and moving piece of music, and like all of these songs in this article it’s deeply melancholy and speaks of the grief of realizing you’ve failed to appreciate beauty when it was surrounding you, of loss and regret.  Enan’s version is fairly uncomplicated in a musical sense, but a really gorgeous mood/vibe that will touch your soul.  The particular version I’ve embedded manages to bring a grittier and more authentic quiet passion to the work, a sort of stark mourning that is, in my opinion, somewhat obscured in the more produced popular release A short few minutes of work that will resonate with you for years.

As a sort of fun side-note, as I was writing this article I found another video of Susan performing this acoustically and got a bit inspired…and ended up writing an arrangement played “naturally” (without a capo) that’s more suited to a deep male voice a’la Leonard Cohen or Roger Waters.  If I can get comfortable with the arrangement and rehearse it a bit, I might try to make a version of my own and see how people like it, just for the heck of it.  It really is a beautiful piece, and with nothing but acoustic guitar and voice I should be able to pull a reasonably decent recording of it right here at my desk.

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These are not happy upbeat pop songs, but they are great music that touches and moves, the way great music should.  There is more reality and depth in these nine songs than in the entire careers of Britany Spears, Miley Cyrus, and all eight seasons of American Idle (sic) combined, and each of the artists involved are to cheap nfl jerseys be commended, thanked, and appreciated by music lovers for choosing to bare their souls to the world with such beauty and passion.

Thanks for reading and listening, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this great music.