Life Imitates Art

Now this infuriates me on a number of levels.

First, yeah, kid hasn’t eaten in two days, and that’s outrageous itself.  Horrible.  Sickening.  This is what the egos of men do to the world, they bring horror and pestilence and starvation to people who don’t give half a damn about their crusades and their pointless fights, people who just want to live and be left the hell alone.  That’s disgusting and evil.

But here’s what really grabs me by the shorthairs:

This video is thirty-five seconds long.  The whole thing is talking to a kid who hasn’t eaten in two days and just wants some bread….about food.  Okay, mister photographer, way to be compassionate and stay focused on what’s important.

But here’s the kick straight in the nuts:

Thirty-five seconds talking to a kid who hasn’t eaten in two days about food…and not once does the camera operator offer the kid any food!  He’s starving, you asshole!  You know you’ve got a bunch of sandwiches or a couple of tacos or some jerky stashed in that camera bag somewhere, there’s probably a cooler full of munchies in your car and your hotel room is well-stocked, FEED THE KID FOR FUCK’S SAKE!  Stop worrying about your shot and ooooh I’m gonna make a big mess of controversy with this I’m a humanitarian BULLSHIT!  You’re teasing that kid about food when he hasn’t eaten in two days!

And don’t give me any crap about “oh we fed him afterwards.”  Screw you, you feed the hungry kid first, you dick.

Oh, and the art?  Here’s Sam Kinison, about thirty years ago…