New Beginnings

LowGenius.Net 2015[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nd so here we are.

I have a wide variety of interests and pursuits.  For nearly two decades I’ve used my websites to discuss and advance those interests.

A problem I’ve always had is compartmentalization.  I’m an ardent political and social activist, so I write a great deal about politics and social issues.  I’m also a musician, an actor, a filmmaker, a voracious reader, a sometimes addicted gamer, and I have other interests besides.  Unfortunately, those interests aren’t always as complimentary as one might hope.  Readers who stop by because they’re interested video games, movies, television shows, music, or books don’t often care about radical left-wing politics.  Readers who stop by because they’re interested in news and analysis related to politics and social issues often express a disdain for “softer” content – how can you think about playing video games at a time like this?!  And none of this is particularly flattering to the perspective of a potential employer who is trying to see some examples of my work.

So I’ve broken things up, and I wanted to take a second and talk about what you can expect to find here at LowGenius.Net going forward.

This is my space for discussion of hobbies and humor and “lighter” subjects.  You aren’t going to find a close analysis of the latest mid-term election or a deconstruction of arguments about foreign policy here.  You will find the long-popular series of Morrowind mod files; you’ll find discussion and articles about music I like (or don’t), and movies, and television, and books.  This will also be my “personal” space – when I just feel like doing some creative writing or expression that doesn’t pertain to politics or my professional life, I’ll write about it here.  Humor, viral content from elsewhere that I enjoy, and whatever else I come up with that doesn’t necessarily fit into the more rigidly-defined content parameters of my other sites.

Currently I’m doing a whole bunch of work in terms of modifying the site design, setting up new menus, and that sort of thing.  In due course, I’ll start adding more new content and making this a soft of entertainment and culture hub focusing on the things that interest me, and will hopefully interest you while bringing in new readers and visitors to find out about whatever might strike their fancy.

If all you’re interested in is politics and social issues and analysis of news media, government, and society, then you’ll probably prefer to pay more attention to JohnHenry.US, where that sort of content will be housed going forward.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again very soon!


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