Video Shoot Stills, 25-March-2015

So I finally shot a new video after several months of not doing so.  Unfortunately, my time and energy for the last few months has been caught up in money concerns, the decision to postpone finalizing my degree, moving cross-country, etc.  I tend to be far more picky than I really need to be about things, and my initial thought was to wait until I had a car and could get out into the desert or up in the mountains to shoot, but the reality is I’ve still got plenty to say and I haven’t been saying much lately, so it’s time to stop waiting for things to be just right and get on with it.

I’m currently working my way around some technical issues and tweaking various things in video editing software and so forth, so I thought while everyone’s waiting (and I just know that everyone – everyone – is waiting!), I’d go ahead and post these photos captured by one of my best friends during the video shoot, the fellow who talked me into moving west and who has been making sure I eat while I wait for my job to start, Chad Bryant.

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