Diary, 8-Sept-2015

Here’s what’s up with me today:

Internet Stuff

  • Changed the category name on this site from “Personal” to “Diary.”  Some jerk was making snide remarks on my FB page a little while back, complaining that I’m always putting up personal posts and treating the page “like a diary.”  Well, it’s my page, got my name on it, and I’ll write what the hell I want on it.  May as well make it official; now if you are wondering what’s up with me lately, you can just browse to the “Diary” category on this site and find out.
  • Added a new article at JohnHenry.Us about bigotry and how we talk about things and so forth.  Seems to be doing okay, but not great, traffic-wise.
  • Continuing the development and launch of individual FB pages as discussed in my previous diary entry

Other Stuff

  • Confirmed:  I got the job I wanted – and had turned down several other offers to get.  I start the 21st, which means I may just barely be able to reclaim my car from repo before the state-mandated redemption period expires.  That would be very nice.  There are a ton of reasons why this will be a great job for me; I’ll likely write about that in greater detail some other time, but suffice it to say that the benefits alone were worth turning down a job that paid almost twice as much.
  • I have reached a good “stopping point” on the back-end work on my sites, so now we go “offline” and sit down and map out the rest of the changes.  There’s a bunch of stuff to do, and keeping track of it all can be problematic for me; I tend to work on stuff in a pattern of “start writing an article, realize something’s not quite right on whatever site I’m posting to at the moment, get sidetracked by that, forget to post the article or get diverted until it’s stale and nobody cares, and then end up forgetting half the stuff I got diverted by.”
    So I’m back to ProjectLibre and laying everything out from top to bottom, getting the big picture together and as many details in place as possible.  Once I’m satisfied that I’ve done as much planning as is practical – you can never plan for everything and you always forget something, it’s just life, so I’m not trying to get every pixel of the big picture in place before I start working.  I think of it like the old progressive-scan JPGs that people used to use in the dialup days, where it would first load as a big blocky mess, and then resolve into the full-resolution picture in 3 or 4 successive passes.  So right now I’m getting the low-res picture drawn, and once I start working the resolution will increase as I go along.  Since I’m doing this diary thing now and will be updating it regularly, I can also save myself a lot of time and my readers a lot of boring by eliminating the micromanaged “gonna” list that sometimes appears in my personal writing here.  Instead I can start talking about “did,” and link people to the new stuff as it rolls out.
  • I’m surrounded by some of the coolest people on the planet and I love them.
  • Don’t fret:  this isn’t going to be a diary site.  It’s going to be a site full of content covering a huge range of things, of which a diary will be one small part.  In fact I have my first “real” article planned to go up here in the next day or three, which will be a review of a novel I recently read.  I read a lot; expect to see bunches of these as time goes by.
  • For the present:  I’m going to take enough melatonin to knock out a herd of cows and call it a night.  My nature is to work overnight, but obviously that doesn’t fly if I’m working an 9-to-5.
  • As always my many thanks and deepest appreciation to everyone who has been, and continues to be, so supportive and encouraging of what I do.

And that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon.

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