Diary/Fundraising, 16-Sept-2015

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I’d really hoped to never have to do this again, but things are just too tight to keep going the way I am; if I don’t get some funds going I’m not even going to be able to get to my new job that starts next week, and I’ve got all kinds of bills coming up including annual web hosting, software licenses, domain registrations, and more that will be due before I get my first check.  That’s aside from the horrible condition my bank account is in, trying to get my car back, etc.

I’d also far rather be writing about…well, pretty much anything than revisiting this tired, infantile bullshit.  Of course, the yammering morons who have been stalking and harassing me for the last half-decade will use this video and article as an excuse to….stalk and harass me some more.  They’ll use the “look how she’s dressed, she was asking for it” routine – oh, we wouldn’t be hassling you if you didn’t say mean things about us, and we swear that we aren’t involved at all, you’re just making things up.

Well, bullshit.  The screenies in this video aren’t even a hundredth of the evidence, and they know it.  These people are professional liars and manipulators, and it’s time to fight back; not just for me, but for everyone who wants an end to the lies and manipulations and distortions that used to be mostly a right-wing problem but have now become the status quo throughout the political spectrum. So to hell with their lying denials and whining.  I’ve been way too nice with these twits for way too long, and that ends as of right now.  I’ll keep coming at them until they get a court order stopping me, and that includes the passive-aggressive cowards who refuse to stand up against the active participants for fear they’ll lose income and ego strokes.

Not trying to raise funds has done nothing in terms of getting the cadre of “liberal” page owners who have been doing their best to wipe me out for the last five years to stop lying, stop stalking, stop harassing, or even – heaven forbid – have the balls to stand up and apologize for the tens of thousands of dollars in damage they’ve cost me throughout the course of this soap opera nightmare (to say nothing of the millions of people who aren’t seeing my work because not only do they refuse to share it they threaten anyone who does with being blacklisted and harassed into insanity and surrender right along side of me) and start sharing my work.

For those folks who are going to be all whiny and boohoo because I’ve used their names and oh they aren’t doing it anymore (a frequent claim, and a frequent lie, from these pseudo-anonymous fascist thugs), tough.  Not one of the idiots who have participated in this half-decade assault on me has ever stepped up to apologize publicly, to share my work, or to denounce the rest of their little gang of pissant bullies.

I hope this is the last time I have to reach out and ask for contributions like this to keep me alive and running, but rest assured it’s far from the last time I’ll be publicly addressing the disgusting morass of bullshit, clickbait, and mafia-style extortion and racketeering that so many of these pages are engaged in, if not actively participating then passively enabling by refusing to stand up to these bullies because they care more about traffic and income than about integrity and principle – and any sort of ideological motivation is the farthest thing from their minds.  Most of them are so incompetent and full of crap that they do far more harm to liberal and progressive causes than good.

I do good work that people need to see, especially leading in to the critical 2016 US Presidential elections, and I’ll be damned if I’ll continue hiding my head and being publicly denigrated and defamed by these low-life bastards, afraid to ask the people who do appreciate my work for what I need for fear I’ll be attacked.  I’m getting attacked anyway, non-stop, and it doesn’t abate in the slightest even when I go 3, 6, 9 months without soliciting contributions.

So to hell with them, and to hell with anyone who’s got a problem with that.  I didn’t fight through everything I’ve fought through in my life to have my message censored and my life reduced to nothing by a bunch of cowards pretending to be “liberal journalists” and hiding behind the anonymity of Facebook to engage in exactly the behaviors that they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars pretending to oppose.  They’ve had years to act right – nevermind apologizing or sharing my work, just leaving me the hell alone and working half as hard at producing accurate information instead of poisonous bullshit would have been enough.

Now it’s time to rip the pretty wrapping off these bottom-feeding fake-assed losers who are doing nothing but making the GOP’s case for them while doing their best to destroy anyone who dares criticize their tactics even mildly.

The video transcript starts here.

As many of my long-time readers know, life’s been pretty tough financially the last few years. Attending school full time, not having a vehicle, living in a town with horrible public transportation options, and many other factors have made working and earning enough to support myself very difficult.

For the last five years, a group of people who control the vast majority of so-called liberal pages on Facebook have done everything they can to stop my voice from being heard. These pages pimp out vapid garbage appealing to bias including plenty of anti-bullying rhetoric, making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from clickbaiting millions of readers, while all the while sneaking around and hiding under the anonymity provided by Facebook to harass and intimidate other page owners into complying with their demands. Share content from a “forbidden” source like me, and suddenly you’ve lost access to millions of potential readers for your own work.

And as if that’s not enough, they continue to troll my page from behind well over a thousand pages, sometimes dozens with the same name, created for no other purpose than to discredit me. Anything up to and including my death, to protect their precious scam of pretending to be liberal activists while actually being fascist money-grubbing liars, cowards, and bullies, all while stealing from advertisers and misleading millions with their dishonest and unethical tactics.

My work to encourage a greater degree of media and political literacy threatens that cash flow for these posers and fakes. The more people learn to read through clickbaiting and pandering, the less money these people make. They know that, and just like any other right-wing fascist thugs they’ll stop at nothing to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

The images and list of pages you’re seeing is just a small part of what’s been constructed against me (and to a lesser extent against some other pages that refuse to kiss the ass of the Being Liberal cartel). This is a very small fraction of how much effort is put in, every single day, to making sure that nothing – NOTHING – I do succeeds by the blazing jackasses who count on your stupidity for their income.

I let these clowns bully me into not asking for any kind of contribution or donation in exchange for my work for almost a year. Since January, I haven’t one time reached out on this page for any kind of assistance in creating, or in surviving while I create; the only thing I’ve asked for from my readers was emergency help getting to see my dad before he died.

And yet nearly every day there are at least two or three new pages created to tell you what a “beggar” I am, how I “refuse to work,” etc. Sometimes there are twenty or fifty or a hundred in a single day.

Now, I’m sitting here living on ramen noodles and potato chips – and the ramen’s almost gone and the potato chips aren’t mine. I seriously haven’t eaten anything but ramen noodles and hot dogs for over a week, except for a couple of slices of pizza and a chicken sandwich offered to me by the friends I live with. No idea how I’m going to afford public transportation to get to my new job that starts Monday, or pay my bills that are due between now and my first check, to say nothing of the smoking crater that used to be my checking account.

I not only need your help to do what I do, but to overcome this entrenched, systematic campaign of harassment and intimidation and bullying, the threats, the nasty e-mails, the blacklisting, the extortion attempts. That requires advertising, which I can’t afford. It would also be nice to eat without being a burden on my friends and to pay my other bills coming due before my first check hits. More than anything else, it would be nice to have the freedom to do my jobs – both

You can help relieve the immediate pressure by going to http://paypal.me/johnhenryus and sending whatever you think my work’s worth, or whatever you can afford, and I thank you very much.

For the long term, aside from working a regular job, I have set up a Patreon campaign that’s going to be an ongoing thing and will develop over time, but they pay out once a month at the end of the month. I don’t have time to wait. I seriously haven’t eaten anything but ramen noodles and hot dogs for over a week, except for a couple of slices of pizza and a chicken sandwich offered to me by the friends I live with.

My only other option is to sell off the tools I use for my work – my cameras and computer – and that’s just not an option. If I sell that stuff, there’s no point in doing anything anymore – plus I wouldn’t get enough from them at a pawn shop or other “sell it fast” outlet to make any meaningful difference anyway. I might as well just shut it all down and give up.

And I’m not going to do that.

Please help if you can. Not because you feel sorry for me, or because I “refuse to work,” or because boo-hoo.

Because I’m good at what I do, I have earned the right to say I deserve to be able to do it, and I am fighting against an organized campaign to drive me out of doing it conducted by an enormous machine of ersatz “liberals” who care about nothing more than making money for themselves.

I work my ass off to try and inform and educate people as best I can, while my so-called “liberal” and “progressive” stalkers only work to exploit ignorance and fear.

Help me stand against them by helping me stay alive and producing the content they can’t hope to produce themselves.


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