Diary 7-Oct-2015 – On The Move

DSCN0176_800x600Just want to catch people up a little, let folks know what’s going on.

Obviously I’m working and thanks to the support of family and friends have managed to make it to the point of collecting a check and feeding myself for a few days.  I’m going to need to move soon; it looks most likely that it’ll be two more checks before that can happen, which is three weeks from this Friday.  I did get a monthly pass for the transit system, which saves a nice chunk by itself (at least $60/month).  The job is going well, making new friends and meeting new people and all that good stuff.

I’ve got a bunch of things “on deck,” pieces that I’ve put together part way and not finished before I was forced to move on to something else due to time constraints.  Fortunately none of it is really time-sensitive, but still.  I think once the whole situation with where I’m going to live is sorted out I’ll have the necessary time and space to stretch out into bigger projects.  As for these little pieces on deck, I’ll get them finished off and posted as I have the time; right now I leave the house for work at about 8:30am and get home about 8PM five days a week, so I’m pretty tired.  And I’ve never been one to feel the need to just make stuff up to drive traffic, flapping my face at people because I like the little clicky sounds the keyboard makes.  If I’m going to talk, I’d prefer to have something to say and say it well rather than rush it and say it poorly and constantly reach for that next big trendy headline because if I don’t kick out three new articles a day people will forget who I am.

The new job is most excellent.  That’s pretty much everything on my mind right now.  It’s not great money, but there’s a sales incentive involved that should be reasonably easy to turn at least another 3-4K/year on, plus other incentives and unique benefits that serve my long-term purposes of building a small production studio.  I should be able to save several thousand dollars at least through this job, depending on how long I’m there and what I’ll have to look for elsewhere because it’s not part of our product line.  Plus I’m continuing to use all the experience I have as a musician, live actor, technical director, lighting designer, stage designer, video producer, director, screen actor, voice actor, audio and video recording engineer, video editor and update my own knowledge base to current standards across a wide range of information that is relevant to other parts of my life besides work.

I have to find a place to live.  (For those in the area who may know of something: probably a room or if I’m lucky a multi-room basement somewhere in the southern suburbs of SLC – Midvale, Draper, West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton…basically along the Trax Blue line, the closer I am to walking distance to the nearest Trax station, the farther north I can be, probably up until say 900 S. or so, but I work at 123rd south, so obviously if I can find something in Draper or South Jordan or Sandy that’s affordable and close to public transportation and shopping, that would be far better than downtown SLC.  $500-ish a month is about what I can handle; I can do more if I absolutely have to, but life’s going to be tight enough as it is.)  There’s no problem with where I am, per se, just some things that were supposed to happen didn’t, and so the plan for me to move – I have to move because the room I’m in is about to be occupied by a new baby, not because there’s any problem with anyone in the house – is not going to happen because the place I was going to move into is not going to happen.  I’m restricted where I can live due to lack of transportation; the farther I am from Trax, the more time I waste commuting to work every day.  I don’t have a lot of time to waste, as you may have gathered from my express lack of it, above.

It’s taken me a long time to dig this hole – long enough that I had to dig a deeper one (going back to school) just to start getting myself back out.  I feel good about where I am; we’ll see if things continue to work out.  In the mean time I’ll keep kicking out new content as often as I can, but it’s likely to be pretty sparse for the next 4-6 weeks as I settle my housing situation.  I just wanted to say thanks to my friends, family, and readers and let folks know what’s going on and how they’re going on.

More soon.