(I’m Going Through) Changes…

I’ve had the LowGenius.Com domain for fifteen years, LowGenius.Net for about 14. I’ve got two other domains, plus johnhenry.us

Now that I’m getting out of political writing and social issues and all that other stuff, there’s not much reason to separate things out. Writing about music, movies, video games, and the other things that interest me besides other people’s self-inflicted misery immediately eliminates all of those subjects you don’t mention at dinner – sex, politics, religion, and the bathroom. The rest of the world is still wide open, and you’re not automatically pissing off 80% of your potential audience.

(This is a great video of a great song, that I’ve never seen before.)

The two other sites are long-term projects that I’m sitting on – the for-profit and non-profit branches of what will ultimately be my production company – so those are going to stick around until I’m ready to do something with them.

But I’m thinking it’s time to let the LowGenius sites go. Biggest problem is those sites have DEEP hooks in my online identity, and it’ll take months to go through and change them all, but on the other hand I’ve got months before the domains expire.

So I’m going to be phasing those out and moving all my writing and rumination to johnhenry.us. Because duh.

I’m slowly remembering all of the other things I’ve forgotten. I’ve been so tunnelvisioned on trying to get people to decerebrate their colons for the last way too long that I’ve ignored pretty much everything else I’m in to – movies, music, gaming, navel gazing, photography, humor, and a million other things.

So right this minute I’m decomissioning all my old political articles at johnhenry.us, and I’ve already got a couple of music videos picked out to write articles around. This will be the last update for LowGenius.Net.  I’ll be slowly migrating the content here back over there.  LowGenius.Com will remain as it is until the domain expires; I might continue sitting on both of them for another few years just because they’re so identified with me personally and there are a LOT of people who’d like to exploit that in ways that would be harmful to me, but they’ll be decommissioned.

Yeah, I know, on the surface that sounds like just the kind of thing I’ve been bitching about for seven years, but that’s misunderstanding what my problem has been with political hack clickbait assholes all along. It’s not that talking about other people’s content is the problem; it’s when you don’t have anything meaningful or original or even casually thoughtful to say about it but you say it anyway because it’s profitable, without the slightest regard for the effects of their actions on the broader world, and those effects are manifestly destructive – most of all to the very ideology they purport to promote and defend.

I’m likely to be keeping things simple and mostly focused at first on reviewing and discussing music videos, because music has been my true passion literally all my life.  There are plenty of other things I’m interested in and just as knowledgeable – if not more so – of as I am of politics and social issues, and they’ll phase in over time as well.  Films, video game, art and architecture, travel, much more.

I’m privileged to have lived a very full and interesting life, but I’m also an adult male in the mold of prior generations, aged 46.  I’ve smoked as much as three packs of cigarettes a day for most of my life.  I’m not a particularly healthy eater.  Being broke more or less my whole life has left my teeth in horrendous condition.  Both my parents died of sudden and explosive cancer caused by drinking and showering in and cooking with contaminated water from 1993 onward (mom passed in ’09, dad in ’15) – the same water that I also cooked and showered with and drank for a significant portion of the fifteen years I was in NC.

So I don’t know that I’be got half my life left, or even close to it.  I’d like to leave something behind other than wasted time and anger and frustration.

I’ve been politically active since I was 15.  I’ve been discussing politics and social issues – and trying both to gain sense and talk it into other people about those issues – since the late 1980’s.

And it hasn’t really done a whole lot of good.  7 years of a Facebook page, four thousand followers there, and no matter how many different ways I beg and please and reason and display evidence and even allow the stalkers and bullies who run about 90% of the “independent liberal media” at this point to openly harass and stalk and threaten me, it’s still basically the same thirty or forty people it has been since 2009 sharing my content and interacting.  The other 3950 or so?  Still sharing clickbait, still falling to bias and ego pandering, still not sharing anything I write even though they’ll attaboy in the comments all day long.

Some of that is also my fault, because I’ve always refused to engage in clickbaiting and “LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU LOVE PUPPIES” bullshit.  I have more respect both for myself and for other people than that.

All in all there are perhaps 100 to 150 people who interact with my content on a fairly consistent basis.  I like and appreciate those people and I’m certain most of them will stick around because they’re no more one-dimensional than I am.

But I’m done talking politics and social issues.  Y’all just don’t listen, and I’m exhausted with tilting at your windmills.  You built this, you go have fun with it.  I’m going to do my best to live through it and occupy my time and space and energy with things I actually care about, the things I find beautiful and redeeming and worthwhile in the world.

Because that’s the whole thing:  even though I’ve been so deep into politics for so long, I never really cared for it.  It’s always been a matter of doing it because it needed doing and it seemed like most other folks had neither the time nor the aptitude for it (particularly most of those who think they had both).

The rest of my life is going to be what I care about.  That doesn’t mean I’m personally refusing to participate in the process and stay informed.  But I’ve been immersed in this crap for thirty years, and I’m sick of it.  Going forward I have no public opinion on any political or social issue.

With all that in mind, there’s no reason to maintain different websites for the different areas of my life, so I’ll be slowly rolling everything back up to johnhenry.us and decomissioning the lowgenius domains as active concerns.  Fortunately I’ll have the time to properly set up 301 redirects and so forth, so the transition should be reasonably seamless.