It Will Not Happen Here

People to this day say “I don’t understand how it happened, I don’t understand how the German people allowed this, surely they can’t all be monsters.”

The people who say that, by and large, don’t mean it. What they mean is “I want to think of myself as someone who would act differently under the same circumstances, so I’m going to put up a facade of not understanding the actions at all, because if I don’t understand it I certainly can’t engage in it.”

I understand how it happened there.

Millions of us understand how it happened there.

Millions of us who believe that every human being has an inalienable right to life, liberty, and happiness.

Millions of us who understand that one is not free if one hasn’t health or critical thinking skills or access to reliable, objectively factual and/or empirically provable information.

Millions of us who understand that the biggest threats to our survival are and ever have been greed, hate, and ignorance.

We know “how it happened” there.

It happened there because people like us didn’t stand up high enough or cry out loud enough soon enough.

It happened because we were complacent and lazy until it was too late.

It happened there, because we failed to do our best to stop it while we could.

That’s why it happened there.

It will not happen here.

The more you try to make it happen here, the more you make it inevitable that the more noble facets of human nature will find no option but to take increasingly aggressive steps to ensure the survival of the species by eliminating the primary threats to that survival.

Because it will not happen here.

This is the time in your lives when you need, for your own sakes and for the sake of everything you claim to believe in, to stop being a primary threat to the survival of the species.

Because it will not happen here.

You will not be heroes gibbering and capering over the sobbing masses of weak-kneed tree-huggers.

You will simply be eliminated and relegated properly to the unevolved past in which you belong.

Because it will not happen here.

The campfire songs ended on November 9th, when sixty million people in this country turned a blind eye to the next wave of totalitarianism.

Because it will not happen here.

The rest of us understand that this is the most terrifying and threatening geopolitical development since World War II…and possibly, as unimaginable as it seems right now, longer. We understand that what we are witnessing is, in spite of everything, another attempt at totalitarianism, and this time it’s the Anglosphere, led by the good ol’ USA, that’s pushing it.

The left will not be quiet anymore. Progressives and liberals and socialists and communists and other assorted heathens who have long been perceived as soft and incapable of prevailing in conflict will not protect your feelings anymore. They will not quietly allow the uglier inclinations of human nature to inflict horror on our world. They’re already standing up and speaking out, just as I am doing – that is the very first basis of my campaign, the reason it exists, because we can no longer simply debate and complain.

We must stand up and speak out and act in defense of our freedom, our dignity, and ultimately in defense of the human race itself.

We would rather avoid escalation and aggression and confrontation in general.

There is nothing more dangerous than someone who doesn’t want to hurt someone else, but is left with no choice.

Those kinds of people don’t hem and haw and dance around, because they don’t revel in the causing of harm to anyone, even if the anyone in question has left them no choice but to defend themselves or die.

Those kinds of people wait forever and put up with almost anything before they stand up and push back…and when they finally have only the choice of living or dying, if they choose to live they push back hard, fast, and efficiently. They don’t want to sit around getting an endorphin rush out of dragging it out. They don’t want to feel superior or to conquer or to lord it over anyone. They don’t want to wear Orwell’s Boot, they just want to be out from under it. They don’t worry about the judgement of anyone else, they don’t concern themselves with “rights” or laws or social expectations.

They end the threat as quickly and effectively as possible, clean up, and do their best to not be haunted by what they had to do as they move forward with their lives. They do their best to repair any damage done by the threat and to ensure that any sign of a similar threat is met with existing mechanisms to stop it from ever being able to gain enough power to create a defend or die situation for anyone else.

They do what must be done with entire reluctance and regret…but they do what must be done. They get it over with as quickly and cleanly as possible so it doesn’t last a moment longer than it has to.

  • That sounds like the long form version of “by any means necessary.”

    • Might be. We’ll have to see how things play out and what people do with it.

    • I’m withholding judgment, because “necessary” is subjective.

    • I am quickly approaching the “by any means” necessary point. If I didn’t have kids, I would be seeking out training to live off the grid and be a survivalist for the revolution that is inevitable.

    • I saw this coming as early as 1966. I thought it would hit in 1994, but it took a bit longer. I’m not sure what I will do. My vision of it had me in the thick of it at 44 and not surviving. I’m 66 now, and a little wilier about how I do politics. That’s where the subjective definition of “necessary” comes in. I think I have more colors in my paint box, and more brushes, these days. Mind you, I was 15 when I had my vision, probably given to greater nuance than most people that age, but still nothing like I was at 44 or am now at 66.

      I’m not hooked on surviving, but I’m also not a danger junkie. What I am hooked on, if anything, is mental judo. I’d rather not hurt anyone in the process of protecting myself or others from injury. I need to get back to that practice. My anger is okay as an energizer, but I need to put it in its proper place. It’s the weather. I am not the weather. I have skills for dealing with the weather.

  • In response to Nick Hanauer’s “warning” to the greedy pricks that are destroying the middle class in this country, I said that these people are not worried at all. They control the government and the government controls the military and the national guard and the police, which the government has been heavily militarizing for the past 10-20 years. When the shit hits the fan, these assholes will be protected. This is also why the republicans don’t give a shit about global warming. Most of them are smart enough to know it is real. They just don’t care because when the shit hits the fan and there is massive flooding, super storms, droughts, diseases, and other environmental disasters resulting in shortages of food and freshwater, the politicians and the other fascists will get most of the resources while the rest of us are fighting over scraps. This is also why they don’t care about oil companies and others poisoning the drinking water. Nestle will sell bottled water to those who can afford it. The rest will be forced to drink contaminated water. It will be like every dystopian science fiction story that the hunger games ripped off.

  • You know what else, John? I disagree that it can’t or won’t happen here. In many ways, it can and has happened here already. The Patriot Act. Warrentless wire taps. Searching people’s library history, web browsing histories, and e-mails. And it will get a lot worse under the Trump regime. The tyrants and fascists will always use a threat, real or fabricated to turn it into a boogeyman to scare the sheep into giving up rights. It used to be the USSR and communism. Now it’s terrorism. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Well, that applies to not voting as well. Tens of millions of people do not vote, and evil is triumphing.