It Will Not Happen Here

The worst effect of this election is not Donald Trump’s presidency, but the reaction from the rest of the ideological spectrum in backlash against it.
That’s the part those of you in that particular band of the ideological spectrum who have been celebrating and laughing about the victory of Donald Trump haven’t thought about, and you need to.

Because if you keep on the path you’re on, you’re only going to provoke increasing escalation of defensive action by the rest of the spectrum until the “left” decides the only options on the table are kill or be killed.

Because they will – only metaphorically, one hopes, but the historical record strongly suggests against that hope.

When that backlash carries a sweeping public mandate – and it will, bet your life on it – that’s when the left wing tyranny starts.

Say hello to first amendment shredding that will make hate speech legislation (which you so ardently insist is the end of free speech forever) look like a constitutional amendment holding nothing but a poetry recital by Charles Bukowski at Larry Flynt’s house, described in writing by Ron Jeremy and the Dallas Cowgirls photographed in Kama Sutra positions that are then substituted for letters in an animated series of paintings by Robert Mappelthorpe.

You want to complain about taking God out of public schools, wait until public education through religious instruction is entirely outlawed, and homeschooling goes the way of Prohibition. Wait until prayer not only really is forbidden in public schools, but all schools are public and attendance is mandatory under penalty of law, as a matter of public health and safety.

You want to complain about how horribly downtrodden is the white man who can’t even put on his fancy robes and have a bonfire with the ACLU calling him names? Wait until hate groups aren’t just tracked or cast into a special category of criminal once they commit some other crime, but outlawed completely and any evidence of membership or participation is made a crime.
Keep going the way you’re going and see what it really does look like when they come for your guns, and see how long you survive thinking you can out-shoot, out-last, out-think, and out-man the United States Military.

Wait until the real pushing starts and see what happens when tyranny arrives with good intentions. Because a charismatic populist demagogue like Trump isn’t going to convince much of the military to start terrorizing Latinos and Muslims, but a charismatic populist demagogue along the lines of Bernie Sanders could very well convince them to defend the nation against ongoing acts of domestic terror conducted by “sovereign citizens” and “freemen” and “militias.”

You’re about to set off the most devastating feedback loop of escalating authoritarianism in human history.

I implore you with my most heartfelt human love: please back away from the path of acting as an imminent threat to the survival of the species.

There are too many people who know how it happened, and we’re seeing millions of people starting a fast run down that same path that they’ve been occasionally peeking at or exploring in tentative, halting steps for the last several decades.

There are too many people who have seen this before and who know that failing to stand up against it by any means necessary is “how it happened there.”

There are too many people who are watching too many other people trying to steer this nation in a horrible, destructive direction that we have seen before.

We have seen, and we remember, the results when this happens. The last time it happened over sixty million people – fully three percent, one of every hundred, of the world’s population – paid the ultimate price.

We know what this is.

We know how this happens.

This may be the last clear and unambiguous statement you will ever read that can save the country you love, if you stop fooling around and pay attention:

It. Will. Not. Happen. Here.

We are moving toward a point where the consequences of this behavior will no longer be disapproval but criminal sanction or, should the social order collapse that far, death.

Please stop before we’ve gone too far.

Thanks very much,
Everyone you claim to love and be doing this for in the first place.