There’s No Such Thing As Antifa

(The livestream of this show on Wed, 18 Jul 2018 will be on my facebook page here.  It will be archived here as a podcast afterwards and this message will change.)

Yes, there are plenty of pages and websites claiming to be part of some “Antifa movement.”

Yes, you see it in the news, even mainstream news.

But it “antifa” doesn’t exist, and I’m going to explain why.

First let’s talk about the facebook pages and websites.  These pages, by necessity, fall into one of two categories: pure nonsense motivated by a desire to deceive, and pure nonsense motivated by being deceived.

Don’t assume everyone behind an “Antifa” page, group, or other declared public identity is evil; they may merely be stupid and bought in to the evil.

Hard words. Let me support them with reason:

“Antifa” is a label constructed by fascist linguists and semanticians for the deliberate purpose of normalizing fascism in public discourse.  The reason the word exists is to create this “anti-fascist” idea, this idea that there’s an organized opposition to fascism and that opposition is rightly called “anti-fascim.”

This is a brain-hack, a head trick. See, opposition coalesces against established norms. The opposition to fascism is, of course, sanity and decency and everything that human beings aspire to be.

Giving it the label “anti-fascism” validates fascism as a human endeavor, it says “this is a norm, a human value, a thing we are and we consider part of the normal course of business, and those opposed to it are a reactionary group of aggressors.

And we’re falling for it, and now the mainstream media (and naturally fascists in the media) have continued to push and normalize this word.

Every time the professional press publishes a story about some “antifa”-related event, the derp-chewers fall out of the trees going on about how cool it is that “antifa got beat down” and braying loudly and proudly about how they oppose “antifa” – again, watch that stack of negatives, they oppose being against fascism, and they brag about it out loud in public. They do that because they think they can, and when pro writers use “antifa” as though it’s an actual thing – and it isn’t, there was no organization or movement that declared itself to have that name before it started appearing in the media – they validate this behavior.

Now fascism is merely a norm, defending itself against outside pressure.  Already there are dozens of opportunist pages popped up selling t-shirts and what have you, none of them in any way any more legitimate claimant to leadership or participation in any “anti-fascist” movement than you or I are.

“Anti-fascism” is a made-up notion that is designed to validate and promote fascism as an acceptable norm, and to arm those prepared to defend that norm with the words and framework necessary to do so.

Can you think of other “movements” like this that you believe were partly or wholly manufactured?  Tell us about it in the comments or be sure to join us tomorrow (Wed Jul 18, 2018) at 8pm Eastern for JH: Issues! and we can talk about it there!