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[dropcap]As[/dropcap] amazing as it may seem, nearly a decade and a half after Morrowind was first launched, and almost a dozen years since I created the newsgroup, people continue to play.  I still pick up a couple hundred visitors a year to this site looking for my plugins and the Morrowind FPS Optimizer by Alexander Stasenko.  Apparently I’m about the only site online that’s held on to the original, without trying to package my own bloatware into it.

An early version of the Balmora House mod. It still looks the same but has moved a little.

An early version of the Balmora House mod. It still looks the same but has moved a little.

I’ve condensed everything in to one page now, for the different versions of the optimizer and my own plugins.

Morrowind FPS Optimizer

This is the original: Alexander Stasenko’s incredible must-have Morrowind supplemental tool, the Morrowind FPS (Frames Per Second) Optimizer. This tool provides many excellent benefits, especially for users with high-end video cards.

  • greater visibility range via fog depth (view distance) tweaking
  • set your desired FPS range (which the optimizer will automatically adjust fog depth to try and meet)
  • set separate fog/fps rates for game menus and combat
  • adjust the minimum and maximum view distances
  • auto-activate running during combat sequences
  • set the menu mouse speed (a huge bonus for players using very high resolution settings)
  • “turbo haggle,” which speeds up the haggling process (can be disabled for purists)
  • set a hotkey to change music tracks on the fly
  • set separate music volume (as a percentage of normal) for exploring and battles
  • and a tab to set/adjust ATI TRUFORM settings for users with ATI cards that have TRUFORM enabled (the 8500 series and above) (Note:  this is obsolete in cards newer than about 2008.)

This is, in my opinion, the most essential add-on for Morrowind available. If you’re playing without it, you’re not playing the best game you can, plain and simple. Morrowind has maintained its popularity for over a half-decade – this page remains one of the most popular on the site – and with the huge increase in computing and video power, now more than ever the Morrowind FPS Optimizer can bring you to a whole new level of adventure in the world of Vvardenfel! It is my honor and privilege to host the only author-sanctioned US mirror for this world-class application; we hope that you’ll consider helping us keep the server online by making your next gaming purchase from Amazon.Com using the Amazon Search Tool on the left side of the screen, or one of the links to the left to purchase your Morrowind software.

There are several different “versions” of the Morrowind FPS Optimizer that you can download. Please select the one that best suits your needs.

  •  MorrowindFPSOptimizer.v1.96 – (.ZIP) This is the “normal” version, which should be useable for anyone with current MFC libraries on their computer. If you don’t know what that means, try this one first, if it doesn’t work, some back and get the “static” version.
  • MorrowindFPSOptimizer.static.v1.96 – (.RAR) This is the “Static” version, which includes the necessary MFC libraries hard-coded into the .exe file. If you get a “missing DLL” error when you try to run the standard optimizer, or if you’re trying for the smallest possible memory footprint, use this file; because it uses its own attached MFC libraries rather than the ones on your machine, it uses a little bit less memory.
  • MorrowindFPSOptimizer.lite.v1.96 – (.RAR) This is for experienced users only. It has no “novice” mode, no “write log” capability for troubleshooting, and no help file.
  • MorrowindFPSOptimizer.exec.v1.96 – (.RAR) This is for VERY experienced users only, and it intended to be used WITH one of the other versions. This version has no user interface. You must run one of the other versions to set your options FIRST (options are written to an .ini file, which this version then references automatically), then use this version when playing the game. Due to the lack of any user interface, this one (obviously) has the smallest memory footprint.
  • Virtus

    Excellent! Thank you very much. Replaying Morrowind yet again 🙂

  • 45345

    Very nice, should have a patreon

  • Will Cummins

    Thank you for continuing this site. The FPS Opt file that I got from here just now helped fix an issue I was getting with my older version of the optimizer. My game is running well again now that I have FPS Opt up and running reliably again. 😀