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The LowGenius Morrowind Mods

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[dropcap]R[/dropcap]eleased in 2001, Morrowind was the single-player RPG.  That this Mods page and the FPS Optimizer continue to draw a couple hundred hits a month thirteen years after the game was released really says something.  I spent about three years playing it every spare moment I had, making new maps, mods, and even creating a newsgroup,, dedicated to the game.

Of course much time has passed, and it seems like most of the traffic I get to these pages today is coming from very young people and poorer parts of the world where it’s not so easy to get a computer that will run the latest and greatest games…and I’m very happy to continue providing these mods as long as there’s a demand for them.


This is a pure cheating mod.  If game balance is a priority for you, you probably don’t want to use it.


This mod adds 5 seconds of Fire, Frost, and Shock damage, magnitude 10-50, to the Umbra Sword, as well as maintaining the Soultrap enchantment.  In other words, this is the butt-kicking sword from hell, and if you are the type of person who considers the “challenge” of getting killed hundreds of times to be an attractive component of game play, you do NOT want to use this mod.

Unless, of course, you want to activate it while Umbra still has the sword, in which case, you’d better make darn sure he never hits you, as described above.

To use this mod, unzip it in your Morrowind folder, and activate it using the “Data Files” option of the Morrowind Startup Screen.  the /Data Files subdirectory is coded into the zip file.

This mod was created with a Tribunal-patched setup, and therefore you may get an error when running it on an unpatched system.  However, when it tells you “Missing Master File:  Tribunal.esm  Do you want to stop running the executable?”  If you say “no” it should still work just fine.


This mod adds a whole bunch of regenerating soulgems to the game.  They are located in a barrel on the main floor of the Balmora Mage’s Guild, and in other barrels throughout the game.

To Use:  Simply unzip to your “Morrowind” directory and activate the mod with the “Data Files” option on the Morrowind startup screen.  The /Data Files path is coded into the zipfile.

This mod does not require Tribunal, but the “LowGenius_SoulGem_Bonus3.esp” file calls out Tribunal and Bloodmoon as master files.


Get tired of being so slow?  Tired of running back and forth from the nearest town to wherever you’re gathering materials or fighting wars or spelunking dungeons?  Try these boots on for size.  Lightweight (“Medium Armor” ENC12) with a magically enhanced armor protection (Level 100), these boots speed your journey and lighten your load by fortifying your speed by 100 points, casting Feather at magnitude 20000 (increasing your carrying capacity to the point that you should never, ever run out of room before you dump your stuff), and a SlowFall currently set at 2.

To install:  Unzip this .zip file to your Morrowind directory.  The /data files path is included in the zipfile.

To Use:

Step 1:  Launch Morrowind, click on “Data Files,” and make sure the box next to “LowGenius_Skywalker_Boots.esp” is checked.

Launch the game (new or your saved game of choice)

Step 2:  Pull down the system console by pressing the tilde (~) key and type the following:

player -> additem lowg_ar_skywalker_boots

Step 2:  Close the console and pull up your inventory screen (default is right-click).  The boots will be in your inventory.  Put them on.  You’re done.


Rather than using the console, you can find a pair of these boots sitting on top of a barrel inside the exterior area of the Census and Excise Warehouse in Seyda Neen

REMEMBER:  The boots are damaged in combat – if they get damaged to zero, you’re stuck if you’re overloaded without enough armorer’s hammers to repair the boots.  Don’t forget to put them back on after you repair them, if they’ve gone all the way to 0.  The boots have no cash value.

PS:  These have nothing to do with Star Wars.   They’re called ‘skywalker’ because of the way you look in slowfall.


TO USE:  Unzip into your Morrowind directory; the /Data Files path is coded in the zipfile.

This is an alternate “God” item; if game “balance” is what you’re after, you don’t want this mod.

In the normal console “god” mode, you simply stop absorbing any attacks.  This has several side effects – your armor is (of course) unnecessary, but regardless of what you’re wearing, your armor skill never increases (unless you train for it) because you never have to repair it.  Your weapons never decrease, so you never have much chance to practice enchanting.  You cannot catch Corpus disease, which has a significant impact on (at least) one segment of the main storyline.

This ring addresses these issues by an enchantment called the Nerevar’s Blessing.  This enchantment restores Fatigue, Health, and Magicka up to 400 points (enough to make sure you ALMOST never die – this ring IS NOT a substitute for saving your game frequently!), and cures Diseases both Common and Blight (NOT Corpus), as well as paralyzation (why didn’t they just call it “paralysis?”) and poison.  It is a constant effect enchantment; simply put the ring on, and you’re covered.  This allows you to use it either as an alternate “god” mode (i.e. wear it contantly), or as a safety net while you’re out in the world (only put it on when you REALLY REALLY need it).

To get the ring into inventory:

Pull down the console using the tilde (~) key and type the following:

player -> additem lowg_cl_ring_nerevar 1

then close the console and equip the ring when you want to by opening your inventory screen and equipping it.  The effects are instant, and constant until you take the ring off.

This ring is also located in-world, on top of a Barrel in the exterior area of the Census and Excise Warehouse in Seyda Neen.


TO INSTALL:  Unzip in your Morrowind directory; the /Data Files path is coded into the .zipfile.

A series of “enhancements” to give the “pure” mage a greater range of power and capability throughout the game.

These enhancements center chiefly around a new store in Balmora, called Lapis Lazuli Long, Mage Supplies.  The store is located on the north side of Balmora, almost against the wall, to the east of the Odai Canal.

The new NPC, Lapis Lazuli Long, is a master trainer in Mysticism, Illusion, and Alteration.  She also performs enchantments.  “Laz,” as readers of Heinlein’s Future History series know her, also carries 25,000 gold pieces for barter.

The enhancements take several forms.  First off, spellcasting in general costs less mana – usually about 50% of game default.  Secondly, there are two entirely new classes of spells.  The general rules of these spells are as follows:

Great Mage x Touch:

Touch spells rendering 20-40 damage for 2 seconds on an opponent, plus 50% weakness to the spell class for the same duration.  For instance, the “Great Mage’s Firetouch” spell casts Fire Damage On Touch for 2 seconds, and 50% Weakness to Fire On Touch for 2 seconds.

Great Mage X Storm/Bolt:

Ranged spells with the same attributes as above, with an area effect of 20, plus a 200 point resistance to the spell class on the player for twice the duration of the spell.  For instance, Great Mage’s Firestorm casts Fire Damage On Target for 2 seconds at 20-40 damage over an area of 20, Weakness to Fire 50% On Target for 2 seconds over an area of 20, and Resist Fire 200 Points on Self for 4 Seconds.  This last component ensures that you won’t fry/freeze/poison/electrocute yourself.

“Fantastic Mage” Spells:

Spells are similar to the above, except with greater range and power:  touch spells damage 30-50 for 4 seconds, ranged spells the same but with an area of 30.

Additionally, there are two other spells available:

Abject Depression:  Absorb Luck, Willpower, and Personality 50 points; Damage Luck, Willpower, and Personality 50 points; Absorb Fatigue 25 points

Suicidal Tendencies:  Damage Luck, Intelligence, Willpower, and Personality 100 points.  Absorb Fatigue 50 points

Laz also sells a collection of Ebony Staves which are enchanted with the touch spells and carry the following damage:

  • Chop:  20-50
  • Slash: 30-60
  • Thrust:25-55

Thus, the pure mage finally has weapons available which are comparable to the amazing high-level melee weapons for other character classes.  “Great” Enchanted Staves are 600gp; “Fantastic” Enchanted Staves are 900gp.  All staves cast on strike, with a level 1000 enchantment; this should be enough.  All Staves also come in a “Soulful” model, which casts Soultrap in addition to the standard charge, for those of you who like to collect souls (as I do).  These will come in handy when it’s time to recharge your staves; “Soulful” staves cost 750 (touch) and 1050 (ranged) gp.  The reason for these staves is quite simple:  Some creatures resist magic.

PLUS enchanted clothing and rings for defensive measures, the addition of certain spells which are generally only available in-game as scrolls (such as Summon Golden Saint) and a full range of alchemical components (Morrowind components only) and tools (including the elusive Secret Grandmaster’s Apparati).

These things are expensive, and you still have to be a pretty powerful mage to wield some of the spells involved.  I have tried to create a mod which gives the “pure mage” a fighting chance, without completely screwing up game balance; there is almost nothing here that will wipe out, say, an Ordinator in one shot.



Great Mage’s Paralyzing Touch – Paralyze for 7 seconds, absorb speed 2-6 points for 7 seconds.  Paralyzing Cloud includes resist paralysis on self

Fantastic Mage’s Paralyzing Touch – Paralyze for 15 seconds, absorb speed 5-15 points for 7 seconds.  Cloud resists on self.

Great Mage’s Shadow:  Chameleon 15 Sec 50%; Fortify Sneak 15 sec 50 pts

Fantastic Mage’s Shadow:  Chameleon 30 Sec 100%; Fortify Sneak 30 Sec 100pts


One of the hutches inside the Balmora House, with a display of helms and other armor.

One of the hutches inside the Balmora House, with a display of helms and other armor.

The house is between the Balmora Temple and the stairway to the affluent part of town (where the Hlaalu houses are, near the Morag Tong guild)

The inside is furnished, somewhat;

  • a bed
  • a fireplace with an Ash Statue and some kind of 6th House decoration,
  • a shelf with some candles and a fancy helmet on it
  • several very special hutches which have a huge encumberance level  (99999, I think) and can be used to store all manner of things without having to skitter all over Morrowind trying to remember where you hid them.  I use the hutches like so –
    • 1 for storing soulgems
    • 1 for storing scrolls
    • 1 for storing books
    • 1 for storing apparel and armor
    • 1 for storing marksman weapons
    • 1 for storing other weapons
    • 1 for storing rare artifacts, mostly things like the Dwemer Coherer, Ornate Dwemer Pitchers and Bowls, etc
    • 1 for storing alchemy tools and ingredients
    • 1 for storing potions
    • 1 for storing keys, lockpicks, and probes
    • 1 for storing rings and amulets
  • several tables to display your spoils on
  • several potted plants
  • bookshelf (use the Book Rotate mod from to place your non-levelling books on this, if you’d like)
  • a large decorative dwemer head hanging over the bed
  • a set of Secret Grand Master’s Alchemy Tools, located on a table at the far right end of the room, as you’re facing in from the main hallway
  • a couple of tapestries
  • a “special” book (located on the shelves) which is the beginnnings of a Morrowind Diary that I started and never finished.  It serves as a nifty little artifact from my character, nothing more.  I don’t even think it levels you up.
  • another wall shelf, currently empty

There are also two “special” doors – one leads to the Vivec Library (handy for moving to the south side of Vivec rather than having to walk there from the Mage’s guild), and one that leads to the Bazaar in Mournhold.  ***I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS DOOR WILL REACT TO A GAME WHICH DOES NOT HAVE THE TRIBUNAL EXPANSION INSTALLED***  The Mournhold door is included because it’s just a pain in the butt to have to go all the way to Ebonhart every time I want to go to Mournhold.

The exterior of the building shows some neat skinning effects.

Note for “purists” – there are a couple of things in this mod that can upset the “balance” of the game; however, you don’t have to use them, they can just as easily serve as decorations.


Unpack the zipfile to your Morrowind directory.  The necessary file paths from there down are included.