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Why Bother?

I clearly have various skills and talents that I could use to get a “real job.” So why commit myself to an uncertain future? Why spend my time and energy fighting for social justice, a decent standard of living for everyone, equality of opportunity?

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Fair Elections Amendment Detail

The Supreme Court has spoken – if we want the money out of politics, it has to be done through a Constitutional Amendment. I have created petitions requesting such an amendment at WhiteHouse.Gov and Change.Org. This document offers some suggestions and guidelines as to how this honorable principle, necessary to a free government, might be implemented.

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Assault Weapons

The phrase “assault weapons” is a meaningless political code tool. As long as we continue to rely on empty, scary verbiage instead of talking about the real problems, we’re not going to get anywhere.

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Ted Nugent Is An Enormous Coward

A closer look at the motor-mouthed…er, Motor City Madman – his draft dodging, woman-hating, hunt-for-the-pleasure-of-killing things mentality, racism, and mindless flag-waving nationalism are an insult to the intelligence and spirit of Americans