LowGenius.Net Lives

LowGenius.Net is once again online and will be an active concern going forward.  Look for personal musings, writing on political and social issues, posts related to my various hobbies, and other content here going forward.

It Will Not Happen Here

or weeks now I’ve seen people within a certain band of the political spectrum laughing and chortling and preening and crowing about the victory of Donald Trump. People who think this is all funny and whoever gets the best flame for the most likes wins. Everybody laugh at the realization of American Facism. I’d like to address those people now: I don’t know what you think is funny about people, including women and children, being assaulted and harassed and terrorized as a direct result of the rhetoric of Donald Trump and the sense of empowerment he has given the very dregs of this nation. I’m here to tell you it’s…

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